Grain Storage

Ozone is a kind of environmental protection fumigant, which has no residue, pollution, safety and reliability. Ozone fumigation in grain storage has the following characteristics:

1. Kill all kinds of pests and bacteria in the granary to prevent moldy deterioration and long insects;

2. Remove peculiar smell - oxidize all kinds of smelly inorganic or organic matters;

3. Oxidation of metabolic products, thereby inhibiting the metabolic process, in order to achieve the effect of preservation;

4. Ozone fumigation can prevent grain from mildew and insects, prolong the shelf life and storage time.

5. Ozone fumigation can inhibit the growth of mold, delay the aging of grain, and effectively maintain the quality of grain.

6. Ozone fumigation does not affect seed germination rate and grain quality; "Chengdu grain and oil food quality supervision and testing center of the State Food Administration" has carried out a comprehensive test on the quality indicators of the grain after ozone fumigation in the actual warehouse, and the results show that its impact on grain quality is not obvious.


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