Packaging and Film Covering

In the packaging industry, the lamination process has high requirements on the viscosity and firmness of the lamination, so as to ensure the preservation and quality of the items in the packaging bags (boxes, boxes, etc.).

PP and PE film are non-polar polymer materials, which have stable chemical properties and low surface tension. In addition, they are difficult to bond with ink due to the influence of opening agent, antistatic agent and anti-aging agent. A certain concentration of ozonized gas is introduced into the gap between PE coating and paper composite. By using the strong oxidability of ozone, the surface of the coating material can be oxidized rough in an instant so as to effectively increase the adhesion of the film. The composite efficiency is high, pollution-free and green.

With the development of ozone application technology, the ozone application technology in packaging and laminating technology has been mature and widely used.





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