Swimming Pool Disinfection

In the water treatment of swimming pool, due to its strong oxidation ability, ozone can kill the bacteria, fungi, Escherichia coli, viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms spreading in the water rapidly with fast reaction and small amount of input, and it has sterilization and inactivation function at a very low. With strong adaptability, it has little influence on the disinfection performance of ozone in the range of PH5.6-9.8 and water temperature 0-37℃ concentration. There is no persistent residue and no secondary pollution in the water. Ozone has a very short half-life, only twenty minutes. It can destroy organic matter in water, oxidize iron, manganese and other metal ions in water; decompose tiny organisms that scatter light in water; improve physical properties and organ sense of water, decolorize, smell and taste, and make water blue without changing the natural properties of water.


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