Chemical Oxidation

As an oxidant, a catalyst and a fine preparation, ozone is widely used in fragrance, carbon black and pharmaceutical industries. The strong oxidation ability of ozone is easy to break the carbon chain bond of organics such as alkenes and alkynes, making them partially oxidized and recombined into new compounds.

Using ozone instead of traditional oxidant, the product quality is improved; the cost is reduced; the reaction time is shortened and the environmental pollution is reduced.

1  1. Flavor oxidation/pharmaceutical intermediates

Add the raw materials that need to be oxidized into the oxidation tower/reactor and dose ozone for oxidation.

 2  2. Carbon black oxidation

The surface properties of carbon black can be changed by ozone oxidation and the volatilization and fluidity of carbon black can be improved.

Oxidation methods are divided into gas phase and liquid phase. The gas phase is mainly through the oxidizing gas, and the liquid phase is mainly through the use of nitric acid, ozone water and other solutions.


Up to now, the company has provided about 100 ozone generators in the chemical oxidation project, with a total of about 1000 kg, serving about 60 projects.

  • 100+

    ozone generators

  • 1000+


  • 60+



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