Sewage Disposal

Ozone function in wastewater treatment process: further degrade the refractory organic matter; reduce the Chroma and turbidity of effluent; kill E. Coli and virus in water; remove odor in water. Break the chain-decompose the macromolecule organic matter; open the ring-decompose the benzene, phenol and its derivatives; detoxify-reduce the toxicity of waste water such as containing cyanide, pesticide; decolorize-break the color group.

Ozone oxidation process is generally used at the end of the effluent to further reduce COD, decolorization, and ensure the effluent index. The upgrading from grade B to Grade A can be realized by ozone + filtration process. The process is used for decolorization and deodorization of reclaimed water reuse.

Up to now, the company has provided about 2000 ozone generators in the waste water project, and accumulated about 15000 kilograms, serving about 1000 projects.

  • 2000+

     ozone generators

  • 15000+


  • 1000+



Changzhou Longyu Pigment Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Beijing Gaobeidian Sewage Treatment Plant

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Shaoxing Keqiao Jiangbin Water Treatment Co., Ltd

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Shijiazhuang Qiaodong Sewage Treatment

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