Municipal Water Supply

Since the 1990s, the ozone-activated carbon process has been well-adopted in the treatment process of waterworks in regions with developed economy and serious water source pollution in China. The effect is obvious and the water quality after treatment has been greatly improved. Since 2002, the company has successfully developed air source 3kg/h, 5kg/h and 10kg/h, breaking the record of more than 2 kg/h ozone generators which could not be produced in China. Since 2004, the company has provided 2-12 kg/h ozone system successively for Lijin waterworks, Shenhua living area waterworks, hualian Sanxin petrochemical waterworks.In 2008, the company has wined the bidding of 20 kg/h ozone generator preparation system of the 3rd waterworks in kunshan at to 200000 tons/day, competed with imported brands and opened the curtain of domestic ozone generators entering into the tap water advanced treatment.

Up to now, the company has supplied more than 200 ozone generators in the tap water project, with a total of about 1000 kg, serving about 100 water plants.

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Kunshan Water Company-The third Water Palnt

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