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Ozone technology is multi-disciplinary comprehensive technology involved in modern physics, materials, power electronics, precision machinery, automation, electronic information and applied chemistry, etc.  The company has been committed to a long term of ozone and ozone equipment manufacturing technology research and development work. Ozone technology innovation research and development center established in 1996 in the company, which is composed of basic ozone Laboratory, power electronics Laboratory, automation control Laboratory, mechanical structure laboratory, ozone system Laboratory, ozone application laboratory and standardization Laboratory.

By setting up a scientific and reasonable development system and management system to promote technical innovation, research and development team has made a lot of research and development achievements. The company has achieved a major breakthrough in ozone system equipment manufacture/operation and the key technology such as "the DTA non-glass dielectric discharge tube technology, high power medium frequency resonant inverter power supply design technology, high power medium frequency inverter power supply control technology and on-line detection and remote monitoring technologies and formed 21 patents and a number of domestic leading proprietary technology, which greatly improved the company's core competitiveness and made the company being in a leading position in the fierce market competition all the time.

The industry standard of "Ozone Generator for Water Treatment" completed by the core R&D members of the company as the main drafters was officially promulgated and implemented by the Ministry of Housing and Development in 2010. In 2016, the company took the lead in drafting the national product standard "Technical Requirements for Ozone Generator for Water Treatment"; In In 2017, the company undertook the national 13th Five-Year Plan of the special subject "large ozone generator integrated equipment Development, research, evaluation, verification and standardization of "Urban water supply system key material equipment evaluation, verification and standardization" in Water Pollution Control and Governance Science and Technology Major Project", which is scheduled to be completed in June 2020.


  • 20 +

    patents to enhance core competitiveness

  • Non-glass dielectric/Glass dielectric

    Key technology of ozone system equipment manufacturing and operation

  • Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

    Keep the forefront of the industry technical advantages

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