General description of production base

Guolin focuses on the field of ozone system equipment manufacturing and is committed to becoming a specialized ozone system supplier, with a specialized production base covering an area of more than 80000 square meters. It has a production workshop and technical performance test workshop for manufacturing a complete set of ozone system equipment. The key core components of the ozone system have been independently produced.

Through the construction of manufacturing informatization, the company promotes the reform of production process, improves production efficiency by informatization and equipping, realizes intelligent office and intelligent production, and creates a new modern production base with first-class technology and efficient operation.


  • Ozone equipment general assembly workshop
  • Pressure vessel workshop
  • Transformer workshop
  • New energy workshop
  • Health care

Ozone equipment general assembly workshop

Ozone equipment general assembly workshop covers a building area of nearly 14,300.00m2. It is equipped with non-glass medium production line, dust-free assembly of ozone generation tank, power cabinet assembly and ozone generator performance test platform, which is a comprehensive workshop integrating large, medium and small ozone generator assembly and corollary equipment production. The general assembly workshop adheres to the "craftsman spirit" of continuous improvement, specialized and refined manufacturing management, and provides users with high-end products.
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Pressure vessel workshop

With a construction area of nearly 15600 square meters, the pressure vessel workshop has the D1 / D2 class pressure vessel manufacturing and design license issued by Shandong Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision. The workshop is equipped with X-ray flaw detection machine, ultrasonic flaw detection machine, spectral analyzer, four-roll plate rolling machine, edge planer, shearing machine, submerged arc automatic welding machine, tubesheet automatic welding machine, high-speed CNC drilling and other equipment and facilities. The workshop continuously improves the intelligent level of equipment, optimizes resource allocation, and provides users with high-quality pressure vessel products and solutions.
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Transformer workshop

The building area of transformer workshop is nearly 6,000.00m2, which is in line with the advanced level of international products. It independently designs, manufactures and tests various types of transformers, and has the core technology of special transformers and reactors for ozone generators. It is equipped with production equipment such as silicon steel slice vertical and horizontal shear production line, automatic winding machine, multi-functional test platform, etc. The workshop is based on quality, scientific and technological innovation, to provide users with superior performance and reliable quality products.
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New energy workshop

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Health care

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