The customer service center of Qingdao Guolin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the customer service center) takes "meeting customer needs" as the basic work orientation, provides worry free services for the whole life cycle of ozone generator system including installation, commissioning, maintenance and technical transformation, and we also provides professional maintenance, maintenance, upgrading and transformation services for all brands of ozone generators at home and abroad at the same time, so as to integrate value-added services into any link closely related to each customer.

The customer service center has 400 and 800 national after-sales service special hotlines. It adopts the regional service responsibility system, and has fixed contact points in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong and other places.

After sales service hotline: 400-6532-616 800-8600-113

  • Intelligent Active Service

    We supply intelligent active service. We have established a complete customer service file, and provide customers with active service through the management platform.
  • 7*24hr All Year Round Service

    We supply 7 × 24hrs all year service.
  • Expert Attentive Service

    We supply expert attentive service. We have a long-term cooperation with domestic experts in ozone operation and application technology and establish a normalized national mobile service system with footprints all over the country, which could provide customer with value-added technology and consulting services.

Upgrading Service

We supply upgrading service. We are committed to the continuous innovation and progress of ozone generator technology. In order to ensure a better and stable operation of the ozone system, we can cooperate with customer to upgrade the relevant equipment in the ozone generation system and solve your worries.

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