2019-07 The company's initial public offering and listing on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock abbreviation: Guolin Technology, stock code: 300786.
2019-08 The National Standard GB / T 37894-2019, “Technical Requirements for Ozone Generators for Water Treatment” which was edited by Guolin, was issued and officially implemented on July 1, 2020.



2018-05 Guolin has been selected as the supporting unit of the “Catalogue of Major Environmental Protection Technology and Equipment Encouraged by the State” (2017 Edition).




2017 Guolin participated in the 13th five year plan science and technology major project water special project, evaluation, verification and standardization of key materials and equipment of urban water supply system.

2017 Guolin presided over the formulation of "Technical Requirements for Ozone Generator for Water Treatment" national standard.


2016-01 Company changed name to "Qingdao Guolin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.".

2016-06 Guolin, as the undertaking unit of the national "12th Five Year Plan" water special project, participated in the national 12th Five Year Plan scientific and technological innovation achievement exhibition and was reviewed by national leaders.


2015-05 Guolin won the bid for 480KG / h ozone system equipment in Shaoxing Binhai printing and dyeing cluster area sewage advanced treatment project.

2015-07 Guolin was listed on the new third board, stock abbreviation: Guolin environmental protection, stock code: 832938.


2014-06-11 National Twelfth Five-year Plan Major Scientific and Technological Water Treatment Special Project for “Non-glass Dielectric Large Ozone Generator Equipment Development and Industrialization” afforded by Guolin passed the Acceptance of Water Management Office of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD), which become the first unit that passed the acceptance check.

2014-11-17 Guolin finished the second stage production base with 55000square meters. Until now, Guolin has the largest ozone production base in the world with total 88800 square meters (area of structure: 54000 square meters), which is the world's leading specialized ozone equipment production base.


2013-10-10  “Large Non-glass Dielectric Ozone Generator(100kg/h)” afforded by Guolin passed the Evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD).




2012-03 Guolin ozone equipment industrial base (phase II) with an area of 55000 square meters was officially started.

2012-06 The "large (120kg/h) ozone generator" project independently developed by our company has passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China (MOHURD).

2012-10  Guolin won the bidding of Shi Jiazhuang Qiaodong Waste Water Plant with 5 sets of 120kg/h ozone system project for 600,000.00m3/day waste water treatment and become the largest ozone system used in water treatment project in the world.

2012-11 Guolin won the honorary title of "key high tech enterprise of national Torch Plan".


2011 Guolin undertakes the project of "development and industrialization of large-scale ozone generator equipment" in water project, a major national science and technology project during the 12th Five Year Plan period.

2011-10-23 Guolin restructured into incorporated company.

2011-10 First stage Guolin ozone equipment production base with 33000 square meters area officially put into operation.

2011-11-13 Guolin won the bidding of Shanghai Petrochemical catalytic cracking catalyst of heavy oil project with 5 sets of 80kg/h ozone system. This is the biggest ozone system applied in flue gas denitrification industry in the world.


2010-05  “CF-G-2-50kg large ozone generator" won the honor of national key new product.

2010-06-01 Industrial standard “Ozone Generator for Water Treatment” CJ/T322-2010 mainly edited by Guolin put into force in nationwide.


2009-12-07 Qingdao Guolin ozone equipment production base (first stage) was started for foundation construction in Laixi City Jiangshan Industrial Park.


2008-07 Guolin won the bid of 20kg/h ozone generator system project in Kunshan Water Supply Group, competing with foreign ozone equipment in municipal water supply field.
2008-10-24 “50kg/h Large Ozone Generator” developed by Guolin passed the Scientific and Technological Achievements Evaluation of Ministry of Construction. Guolin become the third manufacturer in the world which can produce ozone generator with capacity above 50kg/h.


2005-05-06 “20kg/h ozone generator development project” was listed as “2005 National Torch Plan Project” by National Science and Technology Bureau.


2004-11 The single unit of “20kg/h Ozone Generator” was independently developed by our company and passed the scientific and technological achievements appraisal of the Ministry of construction.


2002-09 Guolin finished the production of the first 3kg/h ozone generator in China and change the situation that China manufacturers cannot produce ozone generator above 2Kg/h capacity in past 30 years.


2001-08-01  “Connected type high-voltage electrode with enamel coating” (ZL01 2 68920.3)and “large ozone generator generation tank” (ZL01 2 69045.7)developed by Guolin won the National Utility Models Patents


2000-02-01“Double cooling ozone generation tank” researched and developed independently by Guolin was obtained National Utility New Model Patent(ZL99 2 47355.1)




1996-11-08 Guolin Ozone Technology Application Institute was founded.




1994-12-13 Qingdao Guolin industry Co., Ltd. was founded.

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