• Mission

    Developing ozone technology and creating green industry. We will continually contribute to improving living environment of human beings.
  • Value

    Be a man of creating values and be an enterprise to be respected.
  • Vision

    We are committed to becoming global ozone system supplier and providing stable, advanced and valuable product for our valued customer.
  • Principles

    Scientific and technological innovation, industries serve the country.

Sun——Indicate good environmental policy, which is the guidance of Guolin business development

Forest——Indicate green all the year, which means Guolin and partners will cooperate forever and develop together.

Earth——Indicate wide market source, which is the foundation of Guolin business development

The sun and the earth mean harmony and balance. The forest grows sturdily with sunshine and fertile land, which indicates Guolin's green environmental protection business will be prospering with each passing day!

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